8 Easy Ways to Live a More Joyful Life

I used to wake up every morning and lay in bed refusing to let my daily parenting duties force me to get going. I used to be so tired and loathe with self-doubt and pity. Wandering around my house so mopey and irritated all the time. Most days, I wouldn’t even get fully dressed for the day. I would still be in my pajamas. Sometimes (I hate admitting this) I wouldn’t shower for days. I’ve been able to get through the really bad days and I’ve moved on knowing how to fight off these feelings and emotions. I’m not saying that it’s over and I’ve completely conquered these feelings, but I certainly have learned how to cope. That’s why I’d like to share with you 8 to live a more joyful life and be happier throughout the day.

lavender flowers on white washed planks with text overlay - 8 easy ways to live a more joyful life. www.the-simplifiedfamily.com. I've put together this list of ways that I am able to have a more joyful life. Because of all the busyness of family life, these tips help maintain my positive daily attitude to make it through each day. Could some of these tips help you be happier throughout the day? Check it out!

1. Make my bed

bed with wood plank header and footerPlease read my post on the 5 reasons why I make my bed. Making my bed sets the precedence for the entire day. If I miss this step, my day is pretty much shot.








 2. Say my prayers

brunette woman prayingI begin each day by thanking God for my blessings and asking Him to help me through the day. I truly need all the help I can get and I know that God is on my side daily.





3. Say out loud something positive.

Today is going to be a great day wall displayPlease also read my post about what I have to tell myself every morning. Starting my day by convincing myself that it’s going to be a great day, gets me started on the right foot. The power of positivity is truly an amazing ability.




4. Get some exercise.

man riding street bike with blue sky and clouds in background grass in foregroundI’ll be honest…I don’t exercise every day. Truth be told, I do my best with the busyness of a mom life. On the days I am able to get the exercise in, I feel 10 times better.





5. Make myself pretty.

Showering and doing my hair is a luxury that I forget I have the privilege of enjoying. I feel so much better when I have showered and at least done my hair. I don’t always put makeup on because I don’t always see people outside my home. But, I will at least do my hair!


6. Think of someone to serve.

teddy bears huggingAs a mom, I’m basically providing service all the day long. Moms, amiright? Besides that, I have to think of someone outside my home and try to focus on others. I have this anonymous service that I do for people in my area that I try to involve my kids with as often as I can. It’s my little way of making someone feel better and letting them know they are loved.



7. Clean up.

lego figure with broomThroughout the day, our toddlers make such a mess. They’re outside for large portions of the day, but when they’re inside, they insist on living in a mess. I think they thrive in it. So, I’m constantly picking up after them. I involve them in the cleanup process as much as I can because I simply can’t do it alone. I feel so much better when my house is clean. We have a pretty small house, so there’s not much room to make and leave messes. We live in all areas of the house, so it needs to stay clean because it keeps us all sane.

8. Slow breaths.

woman outdoors with hands outstretchedIt’s been clinically proven that oxygen to the brain is vital to keeping anxiety, stress, and depression at bay. Read this article for more information on slow breathing and how important it is to keep your stress levels down.




Well, that’s all folks! That’s what I try to do every day to keep myself focused on the good and positive things. I know that I’m also helping to keep my mental health in control. What do you do to fight your anxiety, stress, or depression? I’d really love to hear it in the comments below.

green leaves on a white surface with text overlay. 8 easy ways to live a more joyful life. 1 make your bed. 2. pray. 3. speak positively. 4. exercise. 5. get ready. 6. service 7. clean-up 8. slow breaths. www.the-simplifiedfamily.com

all the best, chandra. The Simplified Family. Helping families simplify their everyday lives.


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