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Family picture sitting on wagon axle in country.Hello! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about us!

Welcome to our crazy family! My name is Chandra and I’m married to my best friend, Rick. We’ve been married since 2002 and since then, we’ve had 4 amazing kids join our little family.

We started this blog with the intention of helping families if all stages and sizes simplify their lives. We’ve found some pretty great ways that we have been able to simplify our busy lives and we want to share our tips with anyone it can help.

Our Story

In 2016, Chandra was so incredibly stressed with her work at home job and her mamma duties that she had a mental breakdown. Unfortunately, it was bad enough that she had to quit her job and just focus on being a mamma. You can read all about that story here. This has been a great blessing in our lives for Chandra to be able to focus on parenthood. We’ve learned a lot from that experience! So much, that we want to help other families that may need to have two working parents…because we totally get it!

So, come join our family as we share with you our tips and tricks that we use to simplify our lives and live with less stress! Enjoy your family more and be able to focus on what’s important.

Our Plan

Our plan is to provide tips, tricks, hacks, experiences, and useful printable documents in order to help you simplify your family life. Family life is crazy and busy! Sometimes, we just want to stop doing everything and sit and binge watch Doctor Who! But, as fun as that might be, we can’t. We’re parents and we have little people to raise. So, let us share with you what works for us!

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portrait of woman leaning against red brick wall.
portrait of man in front of green pine tree
back view of boy playing piano
The Musician
girl with red umbrella and rain boots.
The Artist
Young boy jumping on trampoline in the country.
The Adventurer
Toddler laying on blue bean bag chair sucking his thumb
The Snuggler

If you have any insight into future post ideas, please send us an email to thesimplifiedfamily@gmail.com.

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