Commit To A Better Year And A Better You With The Commitment Calendar

Hello again, Friends!! We would like to apologize for our absence. We’ve been focusing in on our family these past few weeks and really dedicating our extra time to them. It’s been great, but now we’re ready to get back to posting on our blog consistently and thinking of both our readers AND our family. (Family first, of course…no offense ;))

A Better Year, A Better You With The Commitment Calendar

On that note, I’d like to tell you about this very exciting tool I’m planning on using for this year. Not only have I re-vamped my vision board, but I’m also trying to think of specific things to work on each month. I’d like to introduce you to The Commitment Calendar. My friends at Ash and Ivory have created this beautiful calendar specifically for those of us who need to achieve our goals more effectively. This calendar is so perfect! Not only is it perfectly pretty, but every month is a new commitment to doing (or not doing) one thing for 30 days that will improve your life and get you closer to achieving your goals or this year. Katelyn and Kirsten have been sweet enough to offer my readers 15% off with code JOURNEY15.

top view of calendar on white washed wood surface
Image courtesy of @ashandivory

How Is This Different From Any Other Calendar?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I do this all the time, but it doesn’t work.”  I’m telling you, this calendar is different! It utilizes several methods to put your goals into action and also help you to think positively.

top view of inside of calendar
Image courtesy of @ashandivory

1. Positive Affirmations

“REPEAT AFTER ME, I CAN AND I WILL!” I posted a while back about the importance of daily positive affirmations. “Today is Going to be a Great Day!” for example, said out loud, is a positive affirmation. I have this posted in my room so that I can see it daily and remind myself to say it out loud.

Today is going to be a great day wall display

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Positive affirmations are proven to increase confidence and self-worth and to rewire the brain to think positively.2) There is a special place on this calendar for positive affirmations and the creators encourage you to repeat the month’s positive affirmation aloud each day.

2. Monthly Commitments

“THIS MONTH I COMMIT TO_______” Every month, you will commit to doing (or not doing) ONE thing for 30 days that will improve your life and get you closer to achieving your goals.

3. Reward Yourself

“MY REWARD” There’s nothing worse than trying to achieve a goal without purpose. Yes, we want to be a better person, but it makes it more tangible when you can give yourself a physical reward. Write down how you will reward yourself when you keep your commitment every day this month. You earned it!!

4. Actions

“HOW?” Write down the actions it will take to accomplish your goal. We all know that achieving a goal isn’t going to just happen overnight. It does take work and we have to do something to change something.

5. Inspiration Behind Your Commitment

“WHY?” This is important because I think we simply forget why we decided to do or not do something. We set our goals for a reason. Write down why you decided to set this goal of yours. What is your why?

6. Keep Track

FILL IN THE BUBBLES This pretty calendar has a convenient way of keeping track of your progress. Just fill in the circle each day you keep your commitment.

7. Evaluate

“SELF EVALUATION” At the end of each month, evaluate your efforts and identify where you might have improved. Perfect for understanding what you need to do better next month.

8. What’s Next?

“NEXT STEPS” Write down how you will move forward with this commitment in the months to come.

Get This Calendar!

You can find this darling calendar at Ash + Ivory here and remember to use apply your 15% off coupon with code JOURNEY15. Let’s commit to a better year and a better us! I’m so excited to use this calendar! I’ve put it up right here next to my vision board so I can remind myself daily what I’ve committed to. I want to hear how it’s helping you as well!

wall display of calendar and vision board on light blue wall.

How do you plan to commit to a better year? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Get ‘er done, guys!! Here’s to a better year!!

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  1. Holly Lasha

    January 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    What a great calendar. I need one of these for sure!

    1. Chandra

      January 17, 2018 at 8:56 pm

      It’s been such a great addition to my self-care routine. I highly recommend!

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